my online journal of how I'm currently learning German

1. First 9 months living in Deutschland

I came to Germany in Janury 2019 knowing about 10-20 words total (active and passive vocabulary). I'd never studied it before nor been interested in doing so. Things were very busy right from the start with getting life sorted out and I was overwhealmed by how much there was I had no clue about - I couldn't even recognize any words or have any idea what they might mean.

In February I learned about 500 of the most common words in German (from a frequency list from germanprofessor) using Anki. I rushed through and I don't think it was very effective. I then started to copy and paste bilingual dictionnary definitions into Anki to learn words in context.

To be continued....


Anki tips:

Searching for 'mp3' in the browser will show all cards with a .mp3 file in them (it will find mp3 in the audio name).
To find the cards WITHOUT audio, search for '-mp3', then you can add audio if you wish using AwesomeTTS.

color test |||||||||||||||||||||
title color test |||||||||||||||||||||
borders color test |||||||||||||||||||||
subtext / border color test |||||||||||||||||||||
text color test |||||||||||||||||||||