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Hi, I'm Pete and this is my little space online. I've made this site for myself but if you find it helpful or interesting then that's cool too!

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Sudoku was very popular around 2005/6 and I did a fair bit at that time. I hadn't done many puzzles other than that until recently when I discovered a few Japanese puzzle creators.

Nikoli is Japan's longest running puzzle creator and publisher. The company is the originator of many popular puzzles including Sudoku and Kakuro. They publish a range of puzzle magazines every year including 4 main editions and some extra magazines of specific puzzles. They also publish a couple of edited issues that have English instructions alongside the Japanese. Nikoli have a website in English here, including explanations of their puzzles and examples, and their main website in Japanese here. Nikoli A puzzle making group led by Maki Nakaiji. Masaki Nakaiji Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1951. Graduated from Shakujii High School in Tokyo. Dropped out of the Department of Japanese Literature at Keio University. While working at a printing company, he launched Nikoli, the first puzzle magazine in Japan, in 1980. He is known as "The Godfather of Sudoku" and has visited more than 40 countries. His mission is to serve as a goodwill ambassador between countries through puzzles. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Naoki Inaba ( 稲葉 直貴) a prolific puzzle creator who has created many puzzles, including Suguru. His website (in Japanese) can be found here.

Here are some Japanese puzzles:

Some of these are also on the English website. The English explanations given here are, as far as I can tell, the same as those printed in the puzzle editions Nikoli publish with added English explanations. In other words, most of the time you can find the English instructions here and simply buy the Japanese puzzle editions and still be able to solve the puzzles. Failing that, you can look up the Japanese names and translate the instructions using a translation tool. 数字のパズル Number puzzles:
数独 Sudoku Nikoli
ナンバーリンク Numberlink Nikoli
因子の部屋 inshi_no_heya "Factor Room" ウソワン usowan "False One" https://www.nikoli.co.jp/en/puzzles/usowan.html お家へ帰ろう ouchihe_kaerou - "Let's go home" カックロ kakuro - Kakuro https://www.nikoli.co.jp/en/puzzles/kakuro.html キンコンカン kinkonkan - ? クロット kurotto - Kurotto "Clot" https://www.nikoli.co.jp/en/puzzles/kurotto.html 黒どこ(黒マスはどこだ) kurodoko - Kurodoko "Where are the black cells?" https://www.nikoli.co.jp/en/puzzles/where_is_black_cells.html 碁石ひろい goishi_hiroi - "'Go' stone gleaning" さしがね sashigane - "Carpenter's Square" さとがえり satogaeri - Satogaeri "Returning Home" https://www.nikoli.co.jp/en/puzzles/satogaeri.html To do: continue getting characters etc from nikoli jp version Then double check all the En versions are included, possibly reverse searching for these in jp Add link for each Summarise different types of each book (from web info rather than exp.) Names in quotations are translations (from deepl.com) of the Japanese characters Characters and romanji taken from the URl of the puzzles on the website. ----- Review: ザ・ペンシルパズル2020 The Pencil Puzzles 2020 Released November 10, 2019 Price (1,200 yen + tax) B5 variant size 148 x 257 mm Note: ニューパズル = new puzzle Wishlish: まるごとパズル シャカシャカ - Marugota: shakashaka (800ish yen, 100 puzzles) https://www.nikoli.co.jp/ja/publication/various/pbox/ Puzzle box 13 (has giant pencils puzzle)
絵のパズル Picture puzzles:
天体ショー "Celestial show" Tentai Show (sho-)
言葉のパズル Word puzzles (in Japanese)

(Useful tool: Romanizer of Japanese words, making it easier to compare Japanese names with their English counterparts: https://nihongodera.com/tools/convert) DeepL for translations of names where given, or used from the English version of Nikoli website https://www.janko.at/Raetsel/Nikoli.htm Back to top


my bgg profile

In late 2018 I started getting into playing modern boardgames as I wanted something enjoyable and relaxing to do that didn't involve using a screen. I quickly discovered that there are many games that you can play on your own as well as with other people. I will be focussing here on solo gaming, though some of the games detailed here can also be played with other people too. I won't be rating games on a numeric scale since it's not easy to compare diverse games in this way; instead I aim to give you an idea of what the game is like and if it would be a game that you would enjoy.

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